Top 25 Toto Songs Of All Time (Part One)

totofeaturedThanks for Voting in Our Music Poll and Finally here are The Top 25 Toto Songs Of All Time

Thanks to the 14,577 voters.

There are a few surprises in this video especially with songs that have stood the test of time but were never even hits. There’s no filler on these albums.

#25 – It comes from an album that represented a big transition for Toto. They had just won all those Grammy’s for their monster album Toto IV but had to kick out their lead singer Bobby Kimball because of drug problems.

So in came Fergie Frederiksen who had the laser sharp powerful voice of thunder but it was a familiar vocalist in the band that had the only hit on the album Keyboardist David Paich.

The MTV video era was in full swing and Toto went big budget with the help of actor Brad Dourif who four years later would become the famous voice of Chucky in the Child’s Play movies. He has been known for playing peculiar characters. The video was inspired by the 1961 British film, ‘Whistle Down The Wind’ Hayley Mills and Alan Bates as a man wanted by the law and thought to be Jesus by neighborhood kids. Dourif played it brilliantly. ‘Stranger in Town” is the only ‘Isolation’ tune to make it in the Top 25.

#24 – is the only track from ‘Kingdom of Desire” that made it in the most voted 25. ‘Don’t Chain My Heart’ featuring a bluesy Steve Lukather and lets remember this was the last project with original legendary drummer Jeff Porcaro who died shortly after its release. The albums harder rock and Blues was a huge departure from their last CD “The Seventh One” which was more L.A. Tight production Pop/Rock and featured lead vocals of Joseph Williams who left three years before.

#23 – This album makes quite a few appearances in the Top 25. Toto’s debut from 1978 and ‘Girl Goodbye.’ All I heard in high school was there was this new band with the best studio cats in the business – they weren’t kidding. We’ll get to the other guys later but David Paich, for instance, even before Toto the keyboardist and vocalist had already worked with Steely Dan, Jackson Brown, Seals and Crofts, Joe Cocker, Cher, Neil Diamond, The Righteous Brothers and, of course, Boz Scaggs to name a few. The son of famous composer, arranger, and conductor Marty Paich. At the time of this taping there’s a lot of bad blood between their original lead singer who kills it on this track, Bobby Kimball.

#22 – Mushanga from The Seventh One. This is an interesting album for the band. It’s arguably one of their best but it didn’t do that well in 1988 – at least not in North America. It has however grown with time. If this poll was only for Europeans it would be # 1. As we get further into the Top 25 you’ll see how strong this one is and lets remember ‘Mushanga’ wasn’t even a hit or single in North America and only released for Top 40 in the Netherlands. Written by David Paich and Jeff Porcaro and sung by Joseph Williams this tune sounded like a hit but that’s the thing about Toto when the planets are in alignment there’s no need to trim the fat everything sounds like a hit. Also I’m not superstitious but it seems all the studio project with the sword logo represents them the zone. It also features former Windham Hill artist Andy Narell with tasty steel drums.

#21 – Goin’ Home from the 1998 rarities “Toto XX” album. Even though it was recorded in 1989 most die hard Toto fans had only heard a solo version of it from Joseph Williams 3 album a year before XX in 1997. Written by David Paich, Joseph Williams, Jeff Porcaro this version is sung by Bobby Kimball and it also created an interesting universe with Kimball and Williams joining the rest of the band on a promotional tour. We should point out both singers, at that point, had already worked together. ‘Going Home’ was the only single from this rarities album.

#20 – ‘All the Tears That Shine from the 2015 “XIV” album. We have just completed polls from a few bands including Supertramp and Genesis where none of their latter tunes even came close to charting in the Top 25. That’s because on XIV Toto sounds like their recording that first album. There’s excitement on the record, tasty melodies amazing playing and tunes that rival anything from the back cataloque. Sung by David Paich, ‘All the Tears that Shine’ has the kind of melody that melts your heart.

#19 – ‘The Road Goes On’ from ‘Tambu.’ If there was ever any doubt that Steve Lukather was one of the most talented guitarist and songwriters ever this album fortified his importance, not only in this band but Rock and Roll history. He didn’t have a resume before Toto as impressive as David Paich but he sure caught for lost time. His resume includes, George Benson, Rod Stewart, Don Henley, Eric Clapton, Tony Levin, Pink Floyd, Todd Rundgren, Boz Scaggs, Larry Carlton and of course his huge contribution to Michael Jackson’s Thriller. Seriously it would take you a few months to listen to everything he’s done.

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