Steve Lukather Announces Toto’s 2017 World Tour & New Sony CD #2017TotoTour

cqggowrwgaero7lSteve Lukather Announces Toto’s 2017 World Tour and New Sony Album

It’s a good day for Toto fans as Luke’s announcement makes it clear the band has no plans to quit any time soon.

The guitarist, who’s scheduled to get back on the road with Ringo Starr’s All Star Band in October, announced on his website plans for Toto’s tour next year of Europe and the US. With a spiced up set list with some fresh new-old music.

Luke said, “It’s a year off so please don’t start asking for 1000 song requests. We have a long time to think about it and choose. We have so many new things we are working on. A New record for SONY and all sorts of cool things.”

He also promised big surprises ahead going forward at least three more years, “We are very inspired and things have never been better for us. Not in many decades. We want to thank you ALL for the love and support! The next 3 years have huge things in store. Be patient and don’t guess… just trust me.”

I did a review of their last studio album Toto XIV two years ago and it was stunning how much this band had more inspiration and energy than most up-and-comers. It was all hard fought but worth it for the band.

Stay tuned for mores news and dates for Toto’s 2017 world tour which is set to go from June to December next year.

So far the only date released is August 8 in Schaffhausen,Switzerland.

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