Steve Lukather Announces 11 TOTO Albums Being Remastered by Sony

The news from this band just gets better and better. I think the first sign that something important was happening was in 2015 when the boys released Toto XIV. As I said in my review back then I expected it to be great but not as great as it was. Certainly not for a band that had been together, at that point, for 37 years. The following tour was a huge success, than guitarist Steve Lukather told us about a new Sony deal and album to come and a tour to follow. This is all because of the fans and Sony noticed that Toto was inspiring many.

toto-654x308Also this remastering is the real thing because for a long time “remastering’ was a money grab – a chance for you to purchase the catalog from an artist but not hear a whole bunch of difference. I should point out however that early CD’s, the first batch don’t sound so good anymore. The technology even though it was exciting was nothing in comparison to what we have now. For instance my CD of “The Seventh One’ was the lowest volume of any CD in my collection.

Lukather says they are working with all the original album mixes, adding, “We are hearing subtle parts that were buried in the old mixes on the early albums. It is all from the ORIGINAL album mixes but Re shaped EQ wise but NO compression added at all !! Remember we had to mix for Vinyl back then and there were sonic rules we HAD to deal with that were a drag. Elliot Schiener, Gavin Lurrsen and his co -mastering engineer Rueben did some amazing things.”

This is exciting Lukather says, “Its like a blanket was taken off the speakers on our 1-3 records and just a tweak here and there from Toto IV.” Interestingly they also found a 5.1 mix of Toto IV that was never released. The guitarist also hinted at a box set from Sony featuring tons of stuff that they found in the vaults.

The first 11 albums will get some new liner notes and pictures and as well as CD it will be released on hi end vinyl.

The fans are pumped and Lukather says the band is so excited it inspired them to write new music for Toto’s 40th anniversary coming 2018.

The band is back in the studio on January 9th to record new material and finish some old gems that they found in the vaults.

Lukather is writing his autobiography which he says is half done and will be released in 2019.

Toto have announced some European festival dates for next summer and you can purchase tickets on their official website – by John Beaudin

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