Jerry Corbetta Lead Singer & Keyboardist of Sugarloaf Dead at 68 #JerryCorbettaDead

12027574_1092526360765440_1272353709344751885_nJerry Corbetta famous for his band Sugarloaf Has Died, he was 68

He was the lead singer and keyboardist of hits like “Green Eyed Lady” and “Don’t Call Us We’ll call You.”

In the late sixties Corbetta joined up with guitarist Bob Webber to form Chocolate Hair with drummer Myron Pollock and bassist Bob Raymond.

They mad a few changes to the band most notably the name. Their label thought Chocolate Hair might have racial overtones for some listeners, so, at the last minute they became Sugarloaf, the name of a mountain outside of Boulder, Colorado.

In 1970 Corbetta’s famous Hammond B-3 fueled their first hit, “Green-Eyed Lady” a tune he co-wrote, which reached #3 on the charts.

The band never had two great tunes in a row at least not on the level of “Green Eyed Lady.” It took another five years for their second big hit, “Don’t Call Us We’ll call You.” which was loosely about their experience of getting “Green-Eyed Lady” on radio stations and the insidious nature of the music business. Of course the title was and still an infamous term for the industry.

“Don’t Call Us” was another co-write for Corbetta and that thick organ riff partnered with a snippet of the Beatles hit, “I Feel Fine” after the lyric, “sounds like John, Paul and George”). It also samples Stevie Wonder’s hit, “Superstition.” There is also an imitation of Wolfman Jack by disc jockey Ken Griffin. Later when Corbetta and Sugarloaf appeared on the Midnight Special, Wolfman (the host of the show) finally had his chance to announce the line “From Stereo 92” It reached #9 on the charts in 1975.

Corbetta was a member of the Four Seasons from 1980-1984. He was a member of the Classic Rock All-Stars before retiring to fight his disease in 2009. He was diagnosed with Pick’s disease (a type of frontotemporal dementia)

Corbetta died in a hospice in Denver yesterday. – by John Beaudin

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