Elton John Calls His Duet With Demi Lovato “Unfortunate”

It was an appearance that made us ask, “Can Demi Lovato even sing live?” Her duet with Elton John On January 13th was so bad that the internet went bonkers! Demi was having severe problems singing Elton’s famous duet with Kiki Dee, “Don’t Go Breaking my Heart.”

At first it seemed Demi couldn’t sing the low notes at all. Then many thought she was singing it in the wrong key. At one point there seemed like nothing coming out of her mic and finally we hear what sounds like shouting.


Well, it was awful and Elton is kind of agreeing with us. He calls the duet, “Unfortunate.” “The song was in the wrong key for her, so she had an unfortunate time,” he told the New York Times.

Whether or not Lovato actually has the chops to sing live is yet to be seen (or heard) but being a former Disney princess unfortunately puts her in a category that is usually scrutinized for lip-syncing and why do people do that? Maybe she just had a bad night? We will give Demi the benefit of the doubt.

Elton John is set to release an exciting uptempo album “Wonderful Crazy Night” February 5th featuring longtime guitarist Davey Johnstone, drummer Nigel Olsson and percussionist Ray Cooper. – by John Beaudin